10 Ways to Use Football to Improve Employee & Customer Satisfaction

Some of your employees and customers probably have a bigger smile on their face on Monday mornings. It may be due to the fact that their Saturday and Sunday was packed with football and their Monday night will be too. Yes, football season has begun. Why should you care? This is an opportunity to use the social excitement of college and professional football to benefit your company. Here are 10 ways to use the football season to improve employee and customer satisfaction:

For Employees

1.       Create a company-sponsored Sunday (or Saturday for college football) lunch at a sports bar to view the game of your local football team.

2.       Create a fantasy football league that promotes fun competition among employees.

3.       Structure a competition among sales people using a football schedule that creates a weekly head-to-head contest for your sales team to compete against each other to increase sales. (Tip: a great prize would be a pair of free football tickets or something similar.)

4.       Offer creative prizes to employees based on the local football team’s performance (Example: if the football team goes undefeated, everyone gets 2 extra vacation days)

5.       Change “Casual Friday” to be “Favorite Football Team Day” for one week, in which employees can wear jerseys of their favorite team.

For Customers

1.       Offer a discount to customers who purchase a product/service who have a ticket stub from the game of your local football team.

2.       Offer a unique promotion that is dependent on the team’s score. (Example: if the team scores 5 touchdowns, every customer gets something free for 1 day)

3.       Add creative messages to your websites that promote the success of your local football team.

4.       Distribute free football-related items that feature your company’s logo

5.       Create a “Biggest Fan” contest to get your company engaged with the passionate sports fans of your area. (Tip: give away free product/service to the winner)

If you end up implementing one of these motivational events, please let us know how it went. Maybe you have advice on how to do something better or you may have new ideas. Either way, we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.