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The Secret to Building The Perfect Team

Countless young, entrepreneurial and more innovative companies are participating in a paradigm-shifting strategy. These organizations have altered their priorities from a profit-centered focus to a team-centered focus. This paradigm shift is proving to be the reason why these team-centered companies are building better teams, and consequently building better products and services. The secret to building[…]

The State of Employee Engagement in 2012

The State of Employee Engagement in 2012 [Infographic]

The importance of employee engagement cannot be understated. Regardless of an organization’s size or culture, finding the proper workflows to facilitate such engagement is a critical step in the long-term success of your company. What systems and tools do you currently use for employee engagement? The following infographic visually exemplifies the current state of employee[…]

Are Customers {Still} Always Right?

The old adage in customer services has always been that “the customer is always right.” Does this still hold true? It is clearly evident that customers contribute to the lifeblood of all businesses, via revenue. Therefore, should customers have the dominant voice  always be considered right? At Input Ladder, we advocate that the customer shouldn’t[…]

Providing Feedback to Employees Can Improve an Employee’s Performance

Working without a clear understanding of progress and achievements can be difficult for any employee. In order to perform according to expectations, an employee must understand how their efforts are perceived and rated. That is why providing feedback to employees is extremely important for an employee, management and the company at large. The management team of[…]