The Secret to Building The Perfect Team

Countless young, entrepreneurial and more innovative companies are participating in a paradigm-shifting strategy. These organizations have altered their priorities from a profit-centered focus to a team-centered focus. This paradigm shift is proving to be the reason why these team-centered companies are building better teams, and consequently building better products and services. The secret to building[…]

Case Study of “The Best Company To Work For”

Input Ladder has become a big fan of the reputable interactive marketing agency BGT Partners. This agency has been featured on countless lists of the “Best Companies to Work For.” After reading articles about the company’s internal successes, including the recently published Advertising Age Magazine article, we decided to delve deeper to find out what[…]

Are Customers {Still} Always Right?

The old adage in customer services has always been that “the customer is always right.” Does this still hold true? It is clearly evident that customers contribute to the lifeblood of all businesses, via revenue. Therefore, should customers have the dominant voice  always be considered right? At Input Ladder, we advocate that the customer shouldn’t[…]

Feedback Beyond The Office

Managers perform annual (or quarterly) performance reviews to not only inform the employee of their successes and failures, but to also learn about what the company can do better, in the eyes of the employee. This feedback is essential because the the company can’t always assume that it has an accurate reading of employee morale[…]

Discussing Politics In The Workplace: Bad Idea

November is right around the corner. It is an election year and there are midterm congressional and gubernatorial seats up for grabs. Because of the 24-hour news cycle and prominence of social media, we are all bombarded by political news in our everyday life. How can you prevent political ideologies from dominating the discussion within[…]

10 Phrases Your Boss Never Wants To Hear

Regardless of the relationship you may think you have with your boss, maintaining a sense of professionalism at all times is always necessary. Knowing what you can and cannot say is critical for your success. Just because you and your boss have a great relationship doesn’t mean that you can say what you feel. Take[…]

Find Ways To Motivate on Mondays

End-of-the-week initiatives like Casual Fridays are designed to excite and often inspire employees to enjoy the company culture. Some companies maintain a “jeans acceptable” policy for Friday while other companies may offer catered lunches or in-house lunch parties. While all these things can really excite employees, we conceive an alternative approach to improve employee morale[…]