Input Ladder has become a big fan of the reputable interactive marketing agency BGT Partners. This agency has been featured on countless lists of the “Best Companies to Work For.” After reading articles about the company’s internal successes, including the recently published Advertising Age Magazine article, we decided to delve deeper to find out what makes it the best place to work for. In doing so, we hope to learn how to make our company better while providing you with insights to make your company better. With that being said, let’s get started.

BGT Partners is a 150-employee company that provides interactive marketing services for clients in a variety of industries. Some of these services include web design and development, online marketing and consulting, search engine management and optimization, along with many others. Of the company’s 150 employees, 25 different countries are represented through a diverse and multilingual staff. The company is divided into 4 offices across the country, including a Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Despite having geographical and cultural differences, the company manages to maintain a cohesive company mission and values. Because of these things, BGT maintains a nearly 100% retention rate.

Here is a list of 5 Initiatives that make BGT Partners unique and special:

1. Using social media for social good. While engaging with customers and employees through social media, BGT aims for social good. For every “Like” it receives to its Facebook page, the agency donates $1 to Susan G Komen for the Cure. This enables employees to contribute and promote great causes through convenient and familiar channels.

2. Art Expo Friday. Instead of the traditional “Casual Friday,” BGT offers a day where free lunch is provided and featured bands or a venue where employees can display their talents by performing in a concert-like platform.

3. Benefits & more benefits. BGT offers 100% health insurance, tuition reimbursements and life insurance. Did we also mention that the agency has given bonuses and raises every year since 1996? Enough said.

4. Open door always. Regardless of your problem or your position, you have direct access to all staff members. Whether it is the Managing Partner or VP of Client Services, you can speak to whomever to resolve your problems. Having your boss listen to your concerns and know your name is great, and unfortunately unique in some cases.

5. Room for growth. BGT Partners works hard to ensure that each employee is satisfied with their successes and are being utilized to their fullest potential. No glass ceiling. No unrealistic goals. Each employee can attain the success they strive for.

Beyond the 5 previously listed initiatives, there are countless more intangible things that BGT Partners does that foster a positive and happy employee base. A lot of the positive remarks of the company appears to arrive from the openness and friendly company culture. Experience levels range from the individuals directly out of school to industry experts, yet you would never be able to tell based on how all the employees interact amongst each other.

In hope of not sounding too fixated on BGT’s culture, we should look at the takeaways of this case study. Defining a company culture and sticking too it is more than critical. Having ideas and opinions from a diverse employee-base is necessary. Offering things that makes employees’ lives happier and easier is required. Allowing each employee to achieve all that they can achieve is quintessential. And finally, being unique and unlike any other company, including BGT Partners, is the most important thing.

Does your company have what it takes to be the “Best Company to Work For?” How would your company culture rate against your competitors? Are your employees really happy? At Input Ladder, we are striving to be the best company for our employees and customers.

For more information about the Advertising Age article, click here. For other BGT awards and company information, check out the agency’s website at

If you have another example of a great company to work for that exemplifies a unique and positive company culture, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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