Find Ways To Motivate on Mondays

End-of-the-week initiatives like Casual Fridays are designed to excite and often inspire employees to enjoy the company culture. Some companies maintain a “jeans acceptable” policy for Friday while other companies may offer catered lunches or in-house lunch parties. While all these things can really excite employees, we conceive an alternative approach to improve employee morale as well as employee productivity.

These common initiatives of celebrating Friday workdays appear to be based on the logic that the end of the week is when employees are happier because the weekend is here. Therefore the company should use that day to correlate the employees’ happiness with the company’s workplace. However, we think that this strategy is counter-intuitive to productivity. We advocate that companies should shift their focus on creating fun and exciting initiatives for the one day of the week that is often notable for being the most dreadful day for employees: Monday.

The evidence of the need for motivation on Monday can be found in almost any office. Whether it be the fact that employees come into work with a face of despair or the realization coffee is consumed like oxygen during Monday mornings, your team needs motivation. Prior to starting the daily operations, find the small things that you can do to get the staff rallied up for a more productive and efficient work week.

Friday will always be the day of happiness for your team, and you have to accept that. Thursday is simply one more day away from Friday. However, Mondays are extremely tough for people because it means that it is the start of the work week. Use this day as an opportunity to motivate people when they need it most. When your team is “having a case of the Monday’s,” get creative and find small activities or initiatives that will excite your team.