Input Ladder is proud to provide the following engagement & feedback solutions:

OUR FLAGSHIP PRODUCT: (The Business to Employee Connection)

What is at the core of your employees? Our flagship product, Employee Genome, is an anonymous employee feedback application that allows for private, secure and effective communication between employees and their management staff. When employees have information or suggestions that management should be aware of, there should be no barriers that prevent a manager from receiving the feedback. Our solution provides the ideal platform for productive communication between the human resources department and employees. Make it easy with Employee Genome! CALL US NOW TO RECEIVE A FREE TRIAL DEMONSTRATION 954-667-9675 CLICK HERE to watch a video tutorial!

Employee Genome Product Features


Our other Product: (The Business to Customer Connection)

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. No customers equals no profits. Find out what your customers really think by surveying them through a customer feedback website and through automated phone surveys. Receive the results immediately and take action. Improve your business. CALL US NOW TO GET STARTED: 954-667-9675

Some of our customer feedback products are:

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