Providing Feedback to Employees Can Improve an Employee’s Performance

Working without a clear understanding of progress and achievements can be difficult for any employee. In order to perform according to expectations, an employee must understand how their efforts are perceived and rated. That is why providing feedback to employees is extremely important for an employee, management and the company at large.

The management team of any organization wants and expects the best output from their employees. However, you can only give your best efforts when you fully comprehend the levels that you are performing at. Receiving feedback from employees can be as important as allowing them to provide feedback.

Companies often solicit anonymous employee feedback through a variety of sources, including from supervisors, peers, managers, measurement systems, customers etc. Regardless of how this information is gained, it is important to receive it and utilize it to improve your organization.

Elements of Feedback

The elements of employee feedback that are essential to improving your organization include specificity, frequency and privacy. Having these elements in an objective, substantial and meaningful employee feedback system will allow your organization to immediately learn about its employees and their work ethic.

An employee feedback system should be formulated in such a way that the employees can provide and receive specific feedback in a structured and timely manner. Details should be specific to the degree that an employee can make actionable changes to improve their performance. What changes can the employee make? Who can help them make these changes? How can improvement be quantified or qualified? An adequate system will properly address these questions in a way that employees understand and appreciate.

The second important element of an effective feedback system is frequency. Employee feedback should be received continuously, so employees can continually improve themselves. The sooner they can get information on their performance, the faster they can improve their performance. If the time for achieving a particular goal is exceeded, the necessity of improving performance will be ended.

Privacy is another critical component of a employee feedback system. Employees and managers should be able to submit and receive any degree of feedback without fear of being reprimanded. If a system is designed to be anonymous, every facet of it should be anonymous. There should be no method for detecting the source or origin of feedback when the designed is designed to be anonymous.

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