Feedback Beyond The Office

Managers perform annual (or quarterly) performance reviews to not only inform the employee of their successes and failures, but to also learn about what the company can do better, in the eyes of the employee. This feedback is essential because the the company can’t always assume that it has an accurate reading of employee morale and if it is as efficient as possible. Furthermore, this discourse should not be limited to organizations and employees. It should be extended to communities and its residents, because synonymously, communities can’t successfully grow without the voice of its residents.

Whether it may be at a city commissioner’s meeting, local government press conference,  the municipality’s website, or by dialing your local officials, there are countless ways in which residents can engage their community. If there is something that is occurring in your city or neighborhood that you don’t agree with, let your voice be known. If there is a better or more productive method of doing something, speak up. As a citizen of your nation, as a resident of your city and as a member of your community, you have a civic obligation to provide your opinion.

History shows that executives or elected officials don’t always make the best decision. This may be as a result of misguided motives, or simply because of a lack of information. Either way, it is your job speak up and provide your two cents. If your community does not have a venue that allows its members to easily communicate their opinion, let them know. There are a multitude of tools, programs, or initiatives that can easily be implemented to ensure that residents can express their feedback.

Don’t be passive, be a participant.