The Secret to Building The Perfect Team

Countless young, entrepreneurial and more innovative companies are participating in a paradigm-shifting strategy. These organizations have altered their priorities from a profit-centered focus to a team-centered focus. This paradigm shift is proving to be the reason why these team-centered companies are building better teams, and consequently building better products and services.

The secret to building the perfect team starts with changing your mentality. Good companies hire the best people for open positions. Great companies hire great people and find or create positions for them. As a manager, executive or founder, it is your responsibility to recognize potential and find a way to utilize to improve your organization. This activity should not be limited to the hiring for “open” positions. Companies that are poised for substantial growth acquire all-star players and provide them with an opportunity to use their skills, talents and experiences to improve your team, company culture and bottom line.

Your role is to find personalities that can work in a cohesive and productive manner. When hiring, you must find the most qualified person to fill that position, find ways to motivate that person on an on-going basis, and replicate those efforts for every position.

The Following is a List of Do’s & Don’ts of Building the Perfect Team:

1. Don’t hire to fill a position, hire a person based on their contribution potential for the company.

2. Do provide unique incentives for your team members that aren’t offered by your competitors.

3. Do Encourage all team members to be productive and focused, yet light-hearted and social.

4. Don’t refer to your team members as “employees,” refer to them as “team members” (every person matters).

5. Don’t be afraid to create a fun, lively and unique workplace