Discover the Real Needs of Your Employees and Customers

Use specific metrics and tools to learn about the actual needs and concerns of your audience. Use this knowledge to improve your product, service or relationship.

Exceed the Expectations of your Customers, Employees and Members

Your employees and customers don’t always think that their opinions matter. Exceed their expectations by continually asking for feedback. Show that you value their opinion.

Select Customized or Standardized Feedback Applications

We have created client-specific feedback applications as well as industry-standard feedback applications. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Affordable & Cost Efficient Pricing

Regardless of the size of your organization, we can find an affordable solution that comfortably fits within your budget.

About Us

Input Ladder develops innovative and effective feedback solutions for companies and organizations. Our goal is to improve the communication between you and your customers and employees.

Customer Testimonials

The employee feedback software that Input Ladder created for us quickly allowed our team to learn what issues our employees were having, in a secure and comfortable way.
Mario Levitan,