Input Ladder's employee & customer feedback tools allow you to learn about the needs of your audience


Discover the real needs of your employees

Use specific metrics and tools to learn about the actual needs and concerns of your audience. Use this knowledge to improve your product, service or relationship.

Exceed the Expectations of your Customers, Employees and Members

Your employees and customers don’t always think their opinions matter. Exceed their expectations by continually asking for feedback. Show that you value their opinion.

Select Customized or Standardized Feedback Applications

We have created client-specific feedback applications as well as industry-standard feedback applications. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Affordable & Cost Efficient Pricing

Regardless of the size of your organization, we can find an affordable that comfortably fits within your budget.


Employee & Customer Feedback is our specialty!

Our mission has been consistent since our inception: To deliver effective, well-designed and secure employee feedback and customer engagement software that allows organizations and companies to easily gauge and learn about the needs and wants of its employees and customers.

Who are we?

The Input Ladder team is comprised of a diverse group of people who share the common goal of making the world a better place through better communication. We understand that communication is the key to better interactions. Without a proper venue to provide and receive feedback, nothing can be learned. We develop software applications that makes your company a better place for employees, customers and management.

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Our Products

Input Ladder carries several types of solutions for your needs
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Flagship Feedback Platform

Ideal platform for productive communication between the human resources department and employees.
What is at the core of your employees?

Our flagship product, Employee Genome, is an anonymous employee feedback application that allows for private, secure and effective communication between employees and their management staff.
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Customer Feedback Package

Happy Customers = Greater Profits. Find out how your customers really feel.
* Private & secure customized customer feedback website
* Website comes with your own company logo & web address
* Submit up to 100 automated phone surveys per month
* Receive monthly reports of customer responses.
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Interactive Feedback Website

Get a Customized Interactive Feedback Website For Your Company Now!
Our team is comprised of HR professionals, customer service professionals, designers, developers, and dreamers. Collectively, we are able to create great interactive websites that will allow your organization to get feedback from your customers or employees without altering or interrupting your current website.
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Mobile Text Feedback System

Mobile marketing and text-based interaction has revolutionized the way that organizations engage with your employees and customers.
Input Ladder has learned who, how and why interaction-through-texting has helped companies.

Our system allows you to:
– Text opt-in
– Auto-text reply
– Text surveys
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Feedback Web Applications

Feedback button, Pop-up survey boxes, Real-time chat boxes, and User analytic tracking applications.
Don’t feel like making any major modifications to your website or creating a new website to get feedback from your audience? We understand. We have created innovative web applications that you can utilize with a few clicks.
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Dynamic Surveys

The most basic way of getting responses to any inquiry is a survey. The difference is, Input Ladder does surveys really great!
We can create a variety of interactive surveys that will allow you to learn about your audience members in real time.
Type of surveys:
– Web based survey (located on your company’s website)
– Email survey
– Paper-based survey

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Automated Phone Surveys

With the convergence of technology that caters to a mobile world, people have become one with their phones.
Utilizing this tool to reach employees or customers can be extremely valuable because of an increased response rate (compared to email). Input Ladder has developed a unique system that allows its clients to receive feedback from its audiences in real-time, without the hassle of speaking to each individual person.

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